Mr Hopwood


Mr Hopwood has been trying to retire from teaching for 20 years. Now he is teaching subjects about which he knows nothing, and he is not being paid. His career is an inspiration to all, and the school would not be the same without him. In his spare time, Mr Hopwood does not know what he would do, as he doesn't have any.


Mrs Hopwood

Head of Maths

Mrs Hopwood knows some stuff about Maths. Which is fortunate, because nobody else at Home School does. In her spare time, Mrs Hopwood likes to moonlight as the school matron, chef and gardener. Mr Hopwood also moonlights as school chef and gardener, but rumours about him being seen in the school matron's uniform are unfounded. Also, jokes about that sort of thing are no longer funny. It's 2021, for goodness' sake, and this is the education sector.

A happy staff makes for a happy school.."(School photographer 2018)

Limitations live only in our minds.."(