The i stands for intelligent. And internet. Occasionally both. But not often."(Confused parent/headmaster 2020)

Headmaster's Assembly

The House system

This is the first time that the headmaster has appeared assembled. 

This week's topic is the new house system.

Headmaster's Assembly

Sports Day

Headmaster Assemble! (That was a pop-culture reference) This week's assembly looks forward to the end of term, and introduces the plan for a Sports' Day.

Headmaster's Assembly

School Play Special

Every day at Home School is special, but in this School Play Special Assembly, we see something truly special.

Headmaster's Assembly

Last week of term

As with all of the assemblies, this week's assembly looks forward to the end of term. The headmaster also reminds you of the topical importance of being diverse.

Headmaster's Assembly

Spring Term, and welcome back

Welcome back to Home School! And some important information about mock examinations. Which, despite their name, are serious.

Headmaster's Assembly

It's Results Day!

Possibly the last ever assembly at Home School. Again. Clear your throat and reay yourself for the school song. The karaoke track appears to have some copyright issues, so there may be an ad. Let's hope it's educationally appropriate, and not one of those ones for pension plans that the headmaster keeps seeming to get!