Message from the Headmaster

Ours is a friendly school that recognises that high attainment does not happen on its own, but only in the context of an environment that is happy, nurturing, and behaves as one supportive family.

In fact, we are a family.

No - literally - we are.


A school without facilities is like a head without a thought..."

(Mr Hopwood. The Head)


Teaching space

The heart of any good school, no expense has been spent on our teaching space. Facilities include a small desk, and rumours of curtains arriving at some point soon.


Sporting facilities

Educationalists have long realised that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Which explains why Eton College's sports fields stretch for over a square mile, and why Mr Hopwood tried exercising to PE with Joe Wicks once. Before he lost interest.


Boarding Facilities

Full boarding facilities are available at Home School. See 'teaching space' above. There is some crossover between the learning and sleeping facilities. Also, there is some crossover between the two activities.


IT Facilities

Home School boasts IT facilities that would be considered 'state of the art' by some small developing island nations. Every student is given a laptop that is more than adequate for the amount of online material accesible to him.



We are proud to enjoy the benefits of a state of the art paddling pool, complete with small plastic floating accessories. Maintenance of the pool facilities has been left to our junior department, though there is currently a review of these arrangements. Watch this space!


Extra Curricular

Home House is a school that takes the performing arts seriously. Mainly because the teaching staff would both rather be back in their performing arts jobs than pretending to be teachers. Extra curricular opportunities enjoyed by the student body involve the operatic lack of appreciation society, and the film club, where films are made and watched. The film club's 2020 season is currently under review, after questions were raised about the club's choice of logo. Home School's busy marketing team will surely soon get on the case!