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It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it..."


(Fun Boy Three)


English Language and Literature

English, eh? It's the language we speak and the literature that we read. Not including the pictures. A good grounding in English is so much more than simply learning lots of long words. It's also about knowing what they mean. And then using them in essays. To impress stupid people.


Media Studies

Media Studies is about studying Media. Media is the plural of medium. Medium studies, however, would be a different subject. Possibly including talking to dead people.

Media studies is about studying the way we communicate with large audiences. Through film, newspapers, television, and even the internet. This website is an example of media. Not a very good example though.



Geography is so much more than simply knowing where you are, and where you're going. Though these are important skills, obviously. Especially in IKEA.

Geography is also about our physical surroundings, and the way that society ineracts with them. In a Geogrpahy lesson,for example, we interact with our surroundings with a set of colouring pencils.



It's not just about adding up and taking away! It's about long division. Which is hard. Especially when you aren't allowed a calculator. Maths is also about triangles. Stuff that will be essential in later life. When you have to do trigonometry to work out your change at Tescos. Luckily, the Internet is really good at Maths. And so is Mrs. Hopwood!



Science is all around us. Look - there it is! See? Behind the sofa. It can be about difficult concepts. Like Dark Matter. Or easier concepts. Like how to turn on a computer and deliver an online lesson.

Science means that we don't believe in ridiculous things. ike a flat Earth. Or Donald Trump. Or that a student can learn Science without input from an actual Science teacher.



History is about studying what has already happened. Now that it is too late to do anything about it.

History is important though, because unless we are careful, horrible things can happen again. Like wars. And the plague. And people voting Conservative.

Henry Ford once said, 'History is bunk'. He must have had a rubbish teacher. Fortunately, we have Mr Hopwood at Home School! Also, Henry Ford is now history. So, if we believe Henry Ford, we shouldn't listen to him.

School in Shakespeare’s day and age was vastly different to our own. In fact, it was far easier because he didn’t have to study Shakespeare."


(Philomena Cunk)

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